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Atlas North America

Atlas North America, through its Marine Sonic Technology (MST) product line of sonars, is a leader in underwater imaging systems to the defense and commercial sector.

MST designs and manufactures various side scan sonars and other accessories to meet underwater imaging demands of professionals.

- These sonars can be towed from a boat or embedded into an autonomous undersea vehicle to perform sea bottom surveys and searches.
- The preferred side scan sonar for the US Navy’s small and medium UUV programs of record.

A wide range of products, from synthetic aperture sonar to conventional
sonar to altimeters are available to meet the needs of the mission.

- Our systems offer high resolution to detect and identify the object sought and user-friendly software to simplify operations.
- These sonar systems are used by all US armed forces, first responders, and research institutions.


Mark Rios
Director, Business Development & Sales

(757) 572-7243

John Willis
Embedded Sonar Sales Engineer

(757) 544-8182

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