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Since 1903, IDEAL ELECTRIC COMPANY has become a globally recognized, leading supplier of high-power, specialty induction, synchronous, wound-rotor, and permanent magnet electric motors, generators, condensers, rotating converters, switchgear, power systems and controls up to 50 MVA for every application on-and-off-shore. With more than 500,000 sq. ft. of advanced engineering, manufacturing, and testing in Ohio and Texas, IDEAL is uniquely positioned as the only 100% American-owned, vertically integrated manufacturer with high-power capacities for these types of electric machinery. Further expanding support of the American defense and industrial installation bases, IDEAL acquired the large motor and generator business of the Louis Allis Company, including Beloit Power Systems, Colt Industries, and Fairbanks Morse intellectual property, ensuring factory-backed sustainment of these critical products for years to come.


Nic Phillips
Vice President

'+1 (419) 520-3315

John Trapp
Sales Manager | Defense

'+1 (419) 520-3223

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