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JA Moody

JA Moody is dedicated to providing innovative & cost-effective
solutions to our customers’ fluid control requirements. We differentiate
ourselves in the marine industry with our highly skilled resources that seek
out advanced resolutions for our customers’ challenges. We offer a unique experience to the US Navy and Commercial Marine marketplace in that many of our sales professionals have over twenty years of proficiency working in the marine industry. Our expertise in the valve and actuator world provides us with critical knowledge that, combined with our tireless approach, allows us to obtain the best response to keep our customer’s shipboard equipment functioning at a high level. JA Moody has been instrumental in bringing new & innovative solutions to the Navy. Our expert technical engineers have assisted with introducing a variety of innovative American made products to the industry over the past several decades, working closely with our key manufacturer.


Lisa Smith

(610) 220-9975

Scott Beardsley
VP of Sales

(251) 776-4650

David Finn
Technical Sales Rep Virginia

(757) 641-0080

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